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Bud The Spud Teclado

Stompin' Tom Connors


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Bud The Spud

E A E It's Bud the spud from the bright red mud B7 Rollin' down the highway smilin' E A E The spuds are big on the back of Bud's rig A B7 E And they're from Prince Edward Island A B7 E They're from Prince Edward Island
E Now from Charlette town or from Summerside A They load 'em down for the big long ride B7 E He jumps in the cab & he's off with the prize subegos He's gotta catch that boat to make fun & time A Then He heads up that old New Brunswick line B7 To Montreal he comes just a flyin' E With another big load of potatos Chorus Now the Ontario Provincial Police don't think much of Bud Yeah the cops have been lookin for the son of a gun That's been rippin the tar off the 401 They Know the name of the truck shines up in the sun... Green Gables And he hits Toronto at seven o'clock And he backs her up again' ther terminal dock And the boys gather 'round just to hear him talk About another big load of potatos Chorus Now I know a lotta people from East to West That like the spuds from the Island best 'Cause they'll stand up to the hardest test Right on the table So wheb you see that big truck come a rollin' by Wave your hand & kinda wink your eye 'Cause that's Bud the Spud from old P.E.I. With another big load of potatos

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