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Infinite Love Teclado




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Infinite Love

(Rick Heil/Jeff Pardo)


verse 1: 

C            Em 
When I walk through the fire 
D              C 
I will not be burned 
C              Em                D 
When the waves crash around You save, 
You save me from drowning 
C             Em 
Lord you care for your own You 
D           C 
Never turn away 
C           Em              D      
I may fail, I may fall, But I will always remain 

C G D Em In your infinite love, infinite love C G D Em Father we sing, Father we sing of C G D Em Your infinite love, infinite love C G D C Father we sing of Your love, Infinite love
verse 2: C Em When the night closes in D C All around my heart C Em D When I'm lost in my doubt And I cry D Father be near me C Em Like the sun, Lord you rise And D C Chase my fears away C Em D Then I fall in Your arms, Where I will always remain Bridge: C G C D Friend and father, Holy King C G C D Mighty Saviour, Praise we bring C D C D Praise we bring, For your love

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