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Don't Die Teclado

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Don't Die

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Intro:  C  Dm  Em  G  Am (2x)

Am           Dm 
Today I dreamed, 
God was speaking to me. 
            C                                           Am 
For today I don't want to live anymore 
He was in dire situations 
                           C                                  Am 
Where in the world, nobody loves nobody, 
                   G      Em                                             F7M 
There're wars, battles, hunger and thirst for justice 
                    G                                                           Dm 
Then I remembered that Jesus will one day  return; 
            C                                                 Am 
And wait patience until that glorious day 
To tell all to Christ 
To not get caught up in their lives 
        F7M    Dm7 
For  Christ's coming!! 

Don't Die today!    


(Refrão)  C5   D5   E5 

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