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Tomorrow Teclado




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	  A                                                G                      D   
It's twelve o'clock, and it's a wonderful day.   
A                                                 G            D   
I know you hate me, but I'll ask anyway.   
A                                          G                                     D   
Won't you come with me, to a place in a little town.   
A                                                    G                        D   
The only way to get there's to go straight down.   
A                                             G                         D   
There's no bathroom, and there is no sink.   
A                                                   G                      D   
The water out of the tap is very, hard to drink,   
A                B         C           
Very hard to drink.  

A (Interlude) 
A  D C   D              A    
You,    wait till tomorrow   
A  D C   D              A    
You, wait till tomorrow   
A                                  G                        D   
You say that money, isn't everything,   
A                                                       G            D   
But I'd like to see you live without it.   
A                                                      G                             D   
You think you can keep on going living like a king.   
A                               G                        D   
Oohh babe, but I strongly doubt it.   
A                B          C                
Very hard to drink.   
A                        D   
You gonna wait till, fat boy,   
C                D                 A              D C D   
Fat boy, wait until tomorrow   


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