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A Time For Love Teclado

Shirley Horn



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A Time For Love


A7 D7M  D  D9  D  Gdim 
A time for summer skies  
D  D7M/9 D   D9   Bm7 F#m 
For hummingbirds and butterflies 
Fdim  A A9   A    Em7  A  A9 A7   Gdim   D 
For  tender words that harmonize with love. 
A7 D7M  D    D9  D  Gdim 
A time for climbing hills 
D   D7M/9   D  D9  Bm7 F#m  
For leaning out of  windowsills 
Fdim A A9 A  Em7 A A9   A7 A7/9 F#7 
Admiring the daffodills above 
  Cdim     Bm      F#7     Bm7    B7 
A time for holding hands together 
  Cdim     A7M     D9      A7M 
A time for rainbow-colored weather 
  F#m      Bm7    Bm7/E       E         Cdim     A 
A time for make-believe that we've been dreaming of 
A7 D7M  D    D7M/9  D Gdim 
As time goes drifting by, 
D   D7M/9 D   D7M/9   Bm7 F#m 
The willow bends, and so do I 
Fdim  A   A9   A   Em7   A  A9   A7 A7/9 F#7 
But oh, my friends, whatever sky above 
     C#7  Gdim F#7 Gdim   F#7  Edim  Bm7      
I've known  a  time for spring, a   time for fall 
Em7  A7  A9  A   Em7 A7 Gdim  D7M 
But most of all, a time for love 

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