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You'll Never Know Teclado

Shirley Bassey



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You'll Never Know

	  F                                                  C#7   Gm 
You'll never know just how much I        miss you. 
Gm7                                             C7 F        Gm7     C7 
You'll never know just how much I     care. 
F                                                    Gm  
And if I tried I still couldn't hide my love for you. 
                     Gm7       Gm       Gm7  C7   F 
You aught to know, for haven't I told    you so. 
C#7    Gm                  C7 
A        million or more times. 
F                                             C#7  Gm 
You went away and my heart went with you. 
Gm7                                C7      D7 
I speak your name in my every prayer. 
               Gm7                       Bbm 
If there is some other way, to prove that I love you. 
   F                Cm            D7 
I swear that I don't know how. 
Gm                                        C7     F          Bbm      F             
You'll never know If you don't know now. 


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