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Daybreak Iv Zigzag Teclado

Saves The Day



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Daybreak Iv Zigzag


Intro: F  C Em  (2x) 

Verse 1:
F                  G   
  I turn around to say  
F                          G 
  how could you still love me 
F              G 
Sun is shining lighting  
        F   G 
up your face 
F                     G 
  You stare off into space  
F                     G 
  not knowing what to say 
F                 G 
Searching for the words to  
            F            E 
set things straight so I say 

Chorus 1:
Am            G 
I'm a Zig Zag sideways 
       F              E 
upside down out of my mind 
Am                  G 
What's the point of living  
if were all just 
born to die 
        Am  G F 
You say why? 
Why ask why? 

Guitar Solo: F  G  (4x) 

Verse 2:
F                     G 
  I say "I get fucked up" 
F                 G 
  You say "delusional" 
Somehow will you  
 G         F   E 
still open arms 

Chorus 2: 

 Am                G 
"Come with me" you say 
           F                E 
We step outside to face the sun 
Am          G 
Yesterday I dream that it  
      F               E 
would all bend out to dust 

Outro: Am  G  F  E 

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