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Real Old Fashioned Broken Heart Teclado

Sammy Kershaw

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Real Old Fashioned Broken Heart

	  Intro:  A D Bm E A 
I played with Alove; I thought I was a Dsophisticated Bmkind 
I looked at Elife like modern lovers A do E 
It's a Agame, I said, bed to bed, Dnever hurts these Bmdays 
But Enow, the jokes on me, since I lost Ayou 
Cause I'm Aplaying Hank Williams on the D jukebox Bm 
Order Eup ole whiskey at the A Bar E 
Through my Atears, I'll light another D lucky Bm 
I've got a E real old fashioned broken A heart 
I'd been A around, in and out of Dlover's arms be Bm fore 
Thought E it was just for fun this day and A time E 
Love, I A said, is just in your head, 
D You don't feel it any Bmmore 
But E losing you has made me change my A mind 
Bridge again  


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