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Meant To Be Teclado

Sammy Kershaw

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Meant To Be

Intro Chords: 
D  Bm  G twice 
     A                 D      
Well first I missed my plane 
     A        D       G 
So I wound up on your flight 
    G               D/F#             G 
And we got stuck in Dallas-Ft. Worth half the night 
        A           D 
And the only vacant seat 
          A       D           G 
You could find at gate twenty-nine 
Was one next to mine 

D Bm Call it fate, destiny G A Call it luck you ended up with me G A D But some things are meant to be D Bm Coincidence, circumstance G A Or something bigger that's just out of our hands G A D Oh some things are meant to be
You said Atlanta was your home Well I happened to live there too I'd just broken up with someone and so had you And when you said for everyone There is someone they're meant to find I knew I'd found mine Chorus Coincidence, circumstance Or something bigger that's just out of our hands Oh some things are meant to be Baby some things are meant to be

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