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Little Did I Know Teclado

Sammy Kershaw

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Little Did I Know

   E             A               E 
1. Little Jolena My dark haired darlin'  
               B7    E 
Skin of ivory Angel eyes 
                          A           E 
All the boys in Louisana Wanted her sweet love 
                           B7                E 
But she swore on the Bible She was mine, all mine 

E B A E Hey little did I know She was wild as a bayou B A E Catch a man on a cane pole Hang his heart on the line B A E A I thought I could hold her Me, oh, my oh, E B E Little did I know She had bigger fish to fry
2. My brother tried to warn me Momma she scorned me My friends all told me I was under her spell But I wouldn't listen I was love sick Without Jolena Life would be living hell (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) E F# At the church in the wildwood Standin' at the altar B F# Little Jolena never showed I heard later on she left with a dandy D E And headed down to Mexico (Repeat Chorus)

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