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Fit to be Tied Down Teclado

Sammy Kershaw

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Fit to be Tied Down

1.This ain't hoops, this ain't hopscotch 
  And this ain't dodge ball in the sandlot 
  This ain't cards, it's our hearts  
  We're dealing with now 
            B               A                   E 
  No more games for me girl I'm fit to be tied down 
2.I've lost at love, got some bruises 
  But the heart that don't give up 
  Never really loses 
  Since I met you 
  It don't make sense to keep on playing around 
  Anyone can see you've got me fit to be tied down 
          B            E 
C.Tie me down, wrap me up in forever 
         B               A          E         C#m 
  I've found something sweet in surrendering now 
           A                    Bsus B 
  Take me off of this merry-go-round 
3.Going round in circles has got me nowhere 
  But a love like yours is really so rare 
  And I'm amazed at the treasure I've finally found 
  I'm on bended knee 
  'Cause I'm fit to be tied down 
  Repeat chorus and 1st verse  

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