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Snake Eyes Teclado

Ryan Bingham



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Snake Eyes

(Ryan Bingham)

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	  Ryan bingham and the dead horses - snake eyes 
Standard tuning 

Play this after the g’s on the verse’s

D			C       B/C				G 
Fallin down on me, before you taste the rage 
D		C		B/C		   G 
Bind me down, i’m a book not a page 
D			C			B/C		  G 
Lend me your dream, here’s a wing for my pay 
D					    C          B/C			   G 
When the shoe’s on the other foot, you ain’t got much to say 

I know you see ghose on the side of the road 
Silhouettes of headlights, are where ya gonna go 
You see your mamma smile, you hear a song that you adore 
Amazing grace, won’t unlock your door 

C		B/C			Am			  G 
Now it’s time for you to shed your snake eyes 
C		    B/C     G 
It’s time for you to go 
C           B/C	  Am			G 
Lay on the table the rest of your lies 
C			B/C	   G 
It’s time for you to go 

All the crying is over, all the love is gone 
And all that remains are the words in a song 
And anywhere but here is where i belong 
Cause none of your prophecies have ever seen where i’ve gone

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