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No Help From God Teclado

Ryan Bingham



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No Help From God


Intro: G (Hammer on A string) 

(Verse Chords) 
 G                        Em            D/F# 
Well I felt the toll of, a life gone astray 
 G                         Em        D/F# 
And I've held my head up, along the way 

C/G Em D/F# If heaven breathes, I will step down C/G Em D/F# There's only the wind, knockin' me down
Some say that angels, are all lookin' down But I only saw vultures, circlin' around With no help from God, the shadows are far Sometimes the truth, is scared of the dark Well I did my weakness, with all of my doubts And traded my secrets to figure it out With no help from God, forever I roam 'til I found your heart, I was on my own Well I felt the alter, shake up my bones And I held your tender, kiss for my own With no help from God, we stood all alone And followed our hearts, and buried the stones G Em D/F# 2X C/G Em D/F# 2X Sometimes my tortures, are all I can bear For so long I've waited, for this coast to clear With no help from God, I will stand proud And here by your side, under the cloud

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