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Shame On The Moon Teclado

Rodney Crowell


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Shame On The Moon

	  Intro  G   Em  
G                                 Em 
   Till you've been beside a man      you don't know what he wants 
G                                      Em 
   You don't know if he crys at night      You don't know if he don't 
C                       G    C                      G    
   When nothing comes easy      All nightmares are real 
Em                   G          Em                          G 
Until you've been beside a man        You don't know how he feels 
G                               Em 
   Once inside a woman's heart      A man must keep his head 
G                           Em 
   Heaven opens up the door     Where angels fear to tread 
C               G     C               G 
  Some men go crazy       Some men go slow 
Em                          G    Em                   G 
Some men go just where they want       Some men never go 
  A#                   G            A#                   G 
Ohhhhh   Blame it on midnight      ooooo   Shame on the moon 
G                                 Em            
     Everywhere it 's all around      comfort in a crowd  
G                                 Em  
    Stranger's faces all abound       Laughing right out loud 
C                           G     C                  G 
   Hey watch where you're going  Step light on your toes 
Em                  G            Em                          G 
Until you've been beside a man       You don't know who he knows. 
Chorus, chorus,  Instrumental ending 


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