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Long Time Girl Gone By Teclado

Rodney Crowell



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Long Time Girl Gone By

Emaj7 A B Emaj7 A F#m7 

Emaj7                         C#m 
If I could live my life again awake, 
E                        Emaj7    C#m 
Think of all the chances I could take, 
    Amaj7                          C#m 
I'd love with all abandon just the same, 
       Am              E 
'Cause that's the game. 

   E                                  C#m 
If I could cross a bridge from now to then, 
E                          C#m 
Open up my chest and let it in, 
  A                Amaj7             C#m 
I wouldn't fight so hard against the pain, 
           Am   E 
I'd let it rain, 
E    B6   C#m  B    A 
Long time girl gone by. 

E                                     C#m 
I couldn't take my loves the way they came, 
E                                 C#m 
My eyes projected each one with a stain, 
    Amaj7                                 C# 
And though they gave me more than I could spend, 
C#m        A 
I wouldn't bend. 

E                           C#m 
Hiding in my bridal veil of smoke 
E                                    D    C#m 
I sipped my lies until I thought I'd choke, 
A                                        C#m 
Once there was nothing left that I could steal, 
         A    E 
I had to yield, 
E    B6   C#m  B    A 
Long time girl gone by. 

    G#m7            B               F#m7 
The seconds whisper circles off the clock, 
    G#m7                            B 
The ships go sailing past and never dock, 
    E                           C#m 
The sea rears up, collapses and withdraws, 
    E                              C#m 
The constellations wheel and never pause, 
   Amaj7                         B/A   C#m 
The wind winds through the small bones in my ear, 
I start to hear. 

E                                          C#m 
The trees look just as pretty when they're bare, 
E                                  C#m 
Black branches hieroglyphic in the air, 
    A                                C#m 
The leaves they left are rotted into lace, 
     A        E 
It's all grace, 
E    B6   C#m  B    A 
Long time girl gone by, 
E    F#m  C#m  B    A  Em 
Long time girl gone by. 

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