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Mack The Knife Teclado

Robbie Williams



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Mack The Knife

Intro C6

verse 1 
                            Dm                 G7                 C6 
Oh, the shark babe has such teeth dear, and he shows them, pearly white. 
       Em        Cdim7      Dm                        G7         C6 
Just a jack knife has old MacHeath babe, and he keeps it  out of sight. 

verse 2 
You know when that shark bites, with his teeth, dear. 
        G7               C6 
Scarlet billows start to spread 
          Em            Cdim7      Dm 
And fancy gloves though has old MacHeath babe, 
                  G7               C6  Ab 
So there's never, never a trace of red. 

verse 3 
       Db6                  Ebm             Ab7      Db6 
On the sidewalk, one Sunday morning, don't you know 
       Ab7               Db6 
lies a body, just oozin' life. 
                     Dbdim7       Ebm 
And someone's sneaking 'round the corner, 
                     Ab         Db6    A 
Could that be our boy  Mack the Knife? 

verse 4 
       D6                   Em 
From a tugboat, down by the river dont ya know, 
            A7                         D6 
Theres a cement bag  just dropping on down. 
            Ddim7                  Em 
That cement there is there for the weight dear 
                          A                D6    Bb 
Five will get you ten old Mackie's back in town. 

Verse 5 
           Eb6            Fm 
Dear Louis Miller, he disappeared babe, 
      Bb7                 Eb6 
After drawing out all his hard earned cash. 
                      Ebdim7                    Fm 
And now MacHeath spends, he spends just like a, like a sailor 
                                   Bb                           Eb6   B 
Could it be, could it be, could it be, our boys done something rash? 

Verse 6 
           E6               F#m 
Hey, Jenny Diver, oh Sookie Taudry, 
        B7                   E6 
Look out Miss Mary Lennor, oh Lucy Brown 
                    Edim7   F#m       B 
Here the line forms, on the right babe. 
                             E    C 
Now that MacHeath's, back in town. 

Verse 7 
            F6               Gm     C7 
I say Jenny Diver, oh Sookie Taudry, 
Look out Miss Mary Lennor, and oh Lucy Brown 
                   Fdim7    C 
Here the line forms, on the right babe. 
                             F6   Fdim7 F6 Fdim7 F6 Fdim7 
Now that MacHeath's, back in town. 

Look out old MacHeath is back! 

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