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Poor Butterfly Teclado

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Poor Butterfly

(John Golden and Raymond Hubbell)

	   D   Cdim  G/E A7            Gdim      D  D7M Bm 
Poor Butterfly    'neath the blossoms waiting  
     D6     F#7                   B7 
Poor Butterfly, for she loved him so. 
    B7       E7        A9         A7    D         D9     Bm 
The moments pass into hours, the hours pass into years 
   Bm7/A   E4/7                  E7   Em7     G/B    A4/7     A7     
And as she smiles through her tears,    she murmurs low 
D   Cdim    G/E  A7            Gdim      D      D7M  Bm 
The moon and I       know that he'll be faithful 
     D6             F#7          B7 
I'm sure he'll come back, by and by 
           Em7                     Gm    D      D7M 
But if he don't come back, then I never sigh or cry  
D  Fdim     Em7  A7       G/B A7 D 
I just must die.     Poor Butterfly 

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