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I'm Glad There Is You Teclado

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I'm Glad There Is You

(Paul Madeira and Jimmy Dorsey)


D7M Em7/9  D7M  F#m  D7M   Gm7 A7 
In   this world of ordinary people 
       Gdim  Edim   Am7    D7 
Extraordinary       people 
    Am7  D7/9  A4/7     G5+  E7 A4/7 D9 
I'm glad there   is     you 
G          Em7      C     Cdim    Am7     D9 
In  this  world  of overrated   pleasures 
  Cdim   Bm5-/7   G      B7 E7/9- 
Of underrated treasures 
   Bm5-/7          Am7  Cdim Gdim D7 
I'm glad there is you 
Am7  D9 D7/9  C9   E7            A4/7     Cm7    G    Am7 G/B G 
I   live to  love,    I'd love to live with you beside me 
      B7     Em  B7/9+             Em7    Em6             Am7   D5+ 
This role so new,  I'll muddle through     with you to guide me 
G7/13-         G6                    Bm5-/7      E7 
In this world    where many, many play at love 
    Bm5-/7 E7/9-  Am7        D7/9 
And hardly any stay in love 
    Am7  D9    Am7  G   Bm5-/7  E7 
I'm glad there is  you 
Bm5-/7     Am7  D7     Cdim  D7/9    G E7/9- Am7 Cdim G6 
More than ever,   I'm glad there is you 

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