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Jesus Hold My Hand Teclado

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Jesus Hold My Hand

As I wander through this pilgrim land  
           C                     G 
There is a friend who walks with me 
                                               E7         A7      D7 
Leads me safely through the sinking sand it is the Christ of Calvary 
This would be my prayer dear Lord each day  
           C             G 
To help me do the best I can 

      C                 G 
For I need thy light to guide me day and night  
        C     D7      G 
Blessed Jesus hold my hand 
                     C               G 
Jesus hold my hand I need thee every hour 
                          E7         A7     D7 
Through this pilgrim land protect me by thy power 
G                      C                 G 
Hear my feeble plea oh Lord look down on me 
       C                 G 
When I kneel in prayer I hope to meet you there 
        C     D7      G 
Blessed Jesus hold my hand 
                                             C               G 
Let me travel in the light divine that I may see the blessed way 
                                              E7         A7       D7 
Keep me that I may be wholly Thine and sing redemption's song someday 
G                                           C             G 
I will be a soldier brave and true and ever firmly take a stand 
     C             G                          C     D7      G 
As I onward go and daily meet the foe Blessed Jesus hold my hand 
                                               C              G 
When I wander through the valley dim toward the setting of the sun 
                                        E7       A7        D7 
Lead me safely to a land of rest if I a crown of life have won 
G                      C         G 
I have put my faith in thee dear Lord  
           C                G 
That I may reach the golden strand 
           C               G 
There's no other friend on whom I can depend  
        C     D7      G 
Blessed Jesus hold my hand 

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