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Hallelujah Teclado

Ricky Skaggs

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	  Here's a nice tune for those who like a gospel-country sound.  It was recorded 
by Ricky Skaggs on one of his earlier albums...not sure which one. 
     C Hallelujah, I"m G ready 
     I can hear the voices singing soft and D low 
     halle-{C}-lujah, I"m G ready, hallelujah I"m D ready to G go 
G In the darkness of night, not a C star was in G sight 
on the highway that leads down D below 
but G Jesus came in and C saved us all from G sin 
hallelujah I"m D ready to G go 
Instrumental break {G}{C}{G}{D}{G}{C}{G}{D}{G} 
G Sinners don"t wait un-{C}-til its too G late 
he"s a wonderful saviour you D know 
well I G fell on my knees when he C answered my G plea"s 
hallelujah I"m D ready to G go 
Instrumental break {G}{C}{G}{D}{G}{C}{G}{D}{G} 
Hallelujah I"m D ready to G go (3X0 

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