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Again Teclado

Ricky Nelson



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	  Intro: Eb C Fm B Cm Ab Bb Eb 

Eb     F             Gm7    Eb Gm7 Cm Fm 
Again, this couldn't happen a--gain. 
Eb           Bb   F    Eb      Cm Ab 
This is that once in a lifetime. 
            B      Bb Eb  Cm Fm Eb 
This is the thrill de-vine. 

Bb     Eb   Cm  G          Bb         Cm  F 
What's more.....this never happened before. 
       Bb                  Eb  Cm 
Though I have prayed for a lifetime, 
F            Bm        Eb     G     Bb   
that such as you would sudden-ly be mine. 


Eb      Ab    Dm     B           Bb 
Mine to hold, as I'm holding you now.. 
Eb       Bb      Db  Eb 
and yet, ever so near. 
Ab                    F   B               Bb 
Mine to have when the now and the here disappear.. 
     G        Bb 
what matters, dear? 

    Eb   Cm       G       Bb      C     F 
For when.....this doesn't happen again..we'll  
Bb                  Cm    Bb         G 
have this moment forever..but never, never  
F Eb   Ab Eb 

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