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Eds Song Teclado

Richard Buckner



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Eds Song

(Richard Buckner)

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Tough is as she does ... 
C                          G 
Wont you slump on over and stir my shuffle down? 
D                       F 
For once, devotion is e-nough 
C                G                D              G 
But the walk you whittle, another dream, another drink 
Am          F                C 
Over in the basement, not an inch between 
Am            G         F        Am 
I'm yours and I have to leave... let ring 

Take care, you throaty fare ... 
C         G 
A shade a-way and a braid a- 
D                  F 
long, Shy a day or two  
C               G            D               G 
...Of what I've done, what I said I wouldn't do; this 
Am         F                C 
poured out picker through a cold 750 there's a 
Am     G          F      Am 
view I ... barely see... let ring 

F      C  G    D    F      C  G    D  G 
...... .. .... .... ...... .. .... .. .. 
Am   F    C    Am G  F    Am 
.... .... .... .. .. .... let ring 
What if I just showed up tonight, while the 
C                           G  
crush is crumbling from the tule fog inside 
D                     F 
...Like the mark your line  
C                    G         D             G 
Left without a sound ...let me in and lay me out 
Am     F               C 
...Two rooms of yours, one with the runner and the 
Am             G     F 
other with the run-a-way 
Am            F        C 
...And vows a-bound in infidels 
Am      G        F 
Waved a-long and swept away... 

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