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How Come Teclado

Ray Lamontagne



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How Come

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	   C 		Bb F  
People on the street now                   
  F 		Bb C  
Faces long and grim                  
  C 		Bb F  
Souls are feeling heavy                
  F 		Bb C  
And faith is growing thin               
  C 		Bb F  
Fears are getting stronger              
  F 		Bb C  
You can Feel them on the rise 


Hopelessness got some by the throat you can see it in their eyes 

I said how come  
How come 

Everybody on a shoestring 
Everybody in a hole 
Everybody crossing their fingers and toes 
Government man spin his politics till he got you pinned 
Everybody trying to reach out to each other  
But they don't know where to begin 


I said how come 
I can't tell  
The free world  
From living hell 
I said how come 
How come  
All I see  
Is a child of god  
In misery  

I said how come the pistol now as profit 
The bullet some kind of lord and king 
But pain is the only promise that this so called savior is going to bring 
Love can be a liar 
And justice can be a thief 
And freedom can be an empty cup from which everybody want to drink 


I said how come 
Its just man killing man  
Killing man 
Killing man  
Killing man 
Killing man 
I don't understand 
Its just man killing man 

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