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Memory Teclado

Randy Rogers


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	  G           D              C                             
The day she left me behind, couldn't get her off my mind 
G        D                     C 
Thinking bout all the times we had 
C         D            G          C 
But I'm a new man now, just don't ask me how 
  A                   D  
I know it's hard to believe 
C D G C When that sun goes down you can find me painting the town A D Drinking away what used to be C D G C Cause I've got nothing to prove and there's nothing left for me to lose A You're nothing more to me, than just a memory
I go out every night up to the morning light I'm having the time of my life When I see you out with him, all I can do is grin Glad it's not me who's missing out Chorus

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