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Railroad Bill Teclado

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Railroad Bill


Railroad Bill, Railroad Bill 
E7                      F 
He never worked, and he never will, 
          C     G    C 
and it's ride, ride, ride. 

C                  C7 
Railroad Bill, he ain't so bad, 
F                        D7 
killed his momma, shot a round in his dad 
C        G        C 
Ride old Railroad Bill. 

Railroad Bill done took my wife. 
E7                              F 
If I'd said a word, he'd have taken my life 
         C        G        C 
And it’s Ride old Railroad Bill. 

C                           C7 
Railroad Bill he was comin' down the hill 
F                      D7 
Lightin' cigars with a ten-dollar bill 
C        G          C 
Ride old Railroad Bill 

Ten policemen, all dressed in black, 
E7                             F 
coming out of nowhere, walking down the tracks, 
            C           G        C 
and they're looking for Railroad Bill 

C                     C7 
Railroad Bill, comin' round the fence 
F                             D7 
Robbin' a passenger train for 16 cents 
          C        G        C 
I'm gonna ride old Railroad Bill 

Railroad Bill got in a gamblin' game 
E7                         F 
shot a man down, though he was to blame 
C                             G      C 
when you lose your mind, just let it loose 

C                    C7 
Railroad Bill he's a mighty bad man 
F                       D7 
Shot the lantern from a brakeman's hand 
C                    G      C 
Just to see that man suffer pain. 

Got a great long pistol, 'bout as long as your arm, 
E7                             F 
I'm gonna shoot everybody ever done me harm 
         C     G     C 
And it’s ride, Bill, ride. 

C                       C7 
Got a .38 special on a .45 frame. 
F                     D7 
How can I miss when I got dead aim 
C     G     C 
Ride, ride, ride. 

Gonna drink my whiskey, gonna drink it in the wind 
E7                                   F 
The doctor said it'd kill me, but he didn't say  when, 
         C        G        C 
And it’s ride Old Railroad Bill 

C                         C7 
Going up on the mountain, going out west. 
F                             D7 
Thirty eight special sticking out of my vest. 
C     G         C 
Ride, ride Bill Ride. 

(I usually use this as the last verse.) 

Railroad Bill, Railroad Bill 
E7                      F 
He never worked, and he never will, 
C     G     C 
Ride, ride, ride. 

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