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Only A Joke Teclado

Radu Dragomir

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Only A Joke

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	  F/E   C   C Am   Am 
Only the tears in your eyes could make me fall apart, could make me fall apart 
Only the rain cloudy blue sky in your eyes, could make me wash my shame 
Only the strong drug in my veins could make me see the stars 
Only the cold morning of my soul then comes flying away 

Only you can make me fall asleep, whispering my mother of irony 
Only the needle supreme can tear a hole in my vacant body 
Only the twilight of the holy gods, the comes around 

C Am G 
Here you are near my grave, counting the evenings from when i'm gone til the dawn of time 
Come with me we'll only stroll among a sea of jokes, which we call our lives 

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