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You Feel Amazing

	  Figured out pretty much all the radical something chords so If you need any help, feel  
free to message me! 

Pretty Much always play their songs as Bar Chords 

Intro - Em D Bm C 

                   Em                           D 
You should get to know me 'stead of pushing me away 
                     Bm                                   C 
Cuz I think I could show you something that'll make you stay 
                 Em                        D 
I got a killer mindset when I jump around killing my set 
        Bm                            C                    Em 
And you gotta look away to keep from having eye sex with me 
              D                        Bm                    C                  Em 
I'll let you breathe but I bet we'll leave to find a better location, no time wasted 
We're out the back door 
                  Bm                      C 
We're kissing the rain n you got my mind racing 

Now I could tell you one thing, 
And I could tell you two. 
When I'm flipping through my little black book, I keep comin' back to you 
Comin' back to you 

You Feel Amazing (You Feel Amazing!) 
You Feel Amazing (You Feel Amazing!) 
You Feel Amazing (You Feel Amazing!) 
You Feel Amazing (You Feel Amazing!) 

La da da da dah 
La da da da dah 

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