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I'll Fix Your Flat Tire, Merle Teclado

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I'll Fix Your Flat Tire, Merle

   G                          C  
As I drove down old 65, I was cruising down that old grapevine 
       G                                          D  
Well I must have been doing at least about ninety five 
      G                                                  C    
Right there on the side of the road all broke down, well who do you think was a-standing around 
        G                D       G  
But the greatest country singer alive 
     G                        C 
Well I'll fix your flat tire, Merle 
          D                                                       G 
Don't you get your sweet country picking fingers all covered with oil (?earl?) 
                G                C  
'Cause you're a honky I know and Merle you got soul 
    D                       G  
And I'll fix your flat tire Merle 
Well I hear you had an adventurous youth, making love in a telephone booth 
And I even hear you did a little stretch in jail 
But now you got a big ranch house with a bar and eight, nine, ten of them fancy cars 
And every other week a check coming in the mail 
Well I heard all them records you did, making fun of us long-haired kids 
And now you know we don't care what you think 
'Cause Merle, if you're gonna call the world your home you know you're gonna have to get out and get stoned 
And it's better with a joint than a drink, I think 
 Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
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