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Moonshiner Teclado

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                                G                       C 
 I?ve been a moonshiner  
For seventeen long years  
                                        D               G 
I've spent all my money  
On whiskey and beer 
G                C 
I'll go to some hollow  
                D D7 
And set up my still 
G                       C 
And I'll sell you a gallon  
        D D7 
For a ten dollar bill 

Then I'll go to a bar room  
And drink with my friends 
Where the women can't follow  
And see what I spend 
God bless them pretty women  
I wish one was mine 
Because their breath is as sweet 
As the dew on the vine 

Give me food when I'm hungry  
Give me drink when I'm dry 
A dollar when I'm hard up 
Religion when I die 
If this whole world's a bottle  
And life's but a dram 
When the bottle is empty 
It sure ain't worth a damn 

I've been a moonshiner  
For seventeen long years  
I've spent all my money  
On whiskey and beer 
I'll go to some hollow 
And set up my still 
If the whiskey don't kill me 
I don't know what will 

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