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What Happens In Vegas Teclado

Phil Vassar

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What Happens In Vegas

All the girls at the office went every year 

They'd come back with secrets and cheap souvenirs 
C                                                         G 
They'd beg her to go. They'd say you don't know what your missin' 
But her boyfriend Bobby was a class A jerk.  

Never let her go nowhere, treated her like dirt 
C                                                     G 
But this time they convinced her, she didn't need his permission 
But as soon as that plane got up in the air 
They all raised their glasses and they all made her swear 

C D G What happens in Vegas is just between us C D G Ain't nobody's business what anyone does C D Em You can let down your hair be as wild as you dare G C Go crazy do something outrageous C D G But what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas
G They were all flyin High when they got off the plane Went straight to their rooms and everyone changed C Looked so different from work D wearing short skirts and flirtin with strangers G She felt like Cinderella She was havin a ball Met a doctor from Dallas They laughed and made talk C Then a voice in her ear whispered Bobby ain't here D And there ain't no ring on your finger, Remember Chorus: C D G There was one empty seat comin home on that plane C D Em Bobby was waitin at the baggage claim C He said, "Where the Hell is she?" D But all they would say, is Chorus:

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