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Ultimate Love Teclado

Phil Vassar

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Ultimate Love

(Phil Vassar/Rodney Clawsen/Julie Vassar)

	  -The timing is a little tricky on this one, listen close to the CD for 
the exact timing on chord changes 
Intro: G  D  A7  C (x2) 
Never seen the Mona Lisa 
C                   D 
Never walked across the moon 
Never been to Casa Blanca 
C                    D 
But I've been to Cancun 
G                            C          D      G  C  D  C 
I'll never make the Fortune 500 on what I get pa--------id 
Em           D    C    Em             D     C          D 
Please don't pity me, cause I've got everything I need 

G D C D Li--fe don't get no better G D C D I could live forever and never top this G D C D Oh, I--'m in poll position G D C D Got a sweet suspicion there ain't nothin' I've missed Em D A Baby look at us Em D A7 C G D A7 C (x2) (2nd chorus stay on C into bridge) Standing in the middle of this ultimate love
G When I was seventeen C D I shook Joe Namath's hand G Once I won karaoke C D Singin' "Piano Man" G C D G C D C One time in Vegas I won me 700 bu--------cks Em D C Em D C D That's all real cool stuff, but it don't measure up CHORUS C G Am7 Well, I don't know too much, but I know this love D Is bigger than the both of us Solo: G D C D G D A C CHORUS

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