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I'm Alright Teclado

Phil Vassar

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I'm Alright

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	  Intro: (A) (D) (A) (E) (A) (D) (A) (E) 

Well it's (A) been a long time glad to (D) see your face 
I (A) knew we'd meet again another (E) time another place 
(A) Can't believe it's (D) been so many years 
You'd (A) better grab a chair and a (E) couple of beers 

(A) Lookin' good in you three (D) piece suit 
You know, I (A) always knew you'd take the (E) business route 
You were (A) always the one to (D) follow the light 
And you (A) look like you're (E) doing al(A)right - alright 

Been (A) singin' for my rent and (D) singin' for my supper 
I'm a(A)bove the below and be(E)low the upper 
I'm (A) stuck in the middle where (D) money gets tight 
But I (A) guess I'm (E) doin' al(A)right 

  (A) I'm all, (D) I'm all, (A) I'm al(E)right 
  It's a (A) beautiful day not a (D) cloud in sight so I (A) guess I'm (E) doin' al(A)right 
  (F#m) o - oh, (Db) o - oh, (D) I'm al(A)right 
  Got a (A) good old friend here (D) with me tonight and I (A) guess I'm (E) doin' al(A)right 
  I (A) guess I'm (E) doin' al(A)right 

Well we had a lot of dreams when we were younger 
They thought we were crazy but we had the hunger 
We kissed a lot of girls, skipped a lot of class 
Been on top of the world and knocked on our ass 
We lost touch, we lost in love 
We lost our minds when things got rough, but 
Beatin' time is a losin' fight and I guess I'm doin' alright 

Repeat Chorus 

Well I hate to see this evening end 
God only knows when I'll see you again 
Just send a fax or send me a letter or give me a call that would even be better 
Give your wife a kiss for me and say hello to the family 
And tell them all my future's lookin' bright 
Well, I miss 'em but I'm doin' alright 
I said I miss 'em but I'm doin' alright 

Repeat Chorus Twice

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