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American Child Teclado

Phil Vassar

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American Child

	  Intro: D/F# Em G A | 2x 
      G          D/F#          Em          D        
I was ten, I was thin, I was playing first base  
       G         D/F#       Em         A 
with a secondhand glove and dirt on my face 
   G         D/F# 
In nowhere, Virginia 
Em         D/F#        C          G          A 
Who'd ever figure that kid in the yard would go very far 
       G   D/F#           Em       A 
It was 419 Lakewood , had no silverspoons 
        G          D/F#          Em            A 
Just an old beat up upright that played out of tune 
        G          D/F#        Em        A 
Now I'm singin' and living the life that I love 
         C          G                       A 
And when I count my blessings I thank God I was  
    D       Em G A 
An American child 
    D       Em G A 
An American child 
       Bm               A 
'Cause dreams can grow wild  
       G        A     D 
Born inside an American child 
Seven pounds, three ounces, she's got my nose 
And she's into my heart as deep as it goes 
With a promise that's more than just someone's last name 
Anyone's equal, in late August came 
An American child 
Instrumental:  Bm F#m Em A 
               Bm F#m Em A 
               Bm F#m Em A 
               D/F# G A 
   Bm          F               C      F 
My grandfather would have been eighty today 
    Bm        A                    D       Em G A 
But in '45 he fell down beside an American child 

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