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If I were free Teclado

Peter Paul and Mary



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If I were free

C G C C7 If I were free to speak my mind, F G G7 I'll tell a tale to all mankind, C C7 F Of how the flowers do bloom and fade, C G C Of how we fought, and how we paid.
C G C C7 This weary world has had its fill, F G G7 Of words of war on every hill. C C7 F The time has come for peaceful days, C G C And peaceful men of peaceful ways.
C G C C7 When all mankind has ceased to fight, F G G7 I'll raise my head in thanks each night, C C7 F For this return, and all it means, C G C For golden days and peaceful dreams.
Chorus PS. this song was not recorded and exist only in paper notes of John Lennon.

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