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Do You Love Me That Much Teclado

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Do You Love Me That Much

(Liz Hengber/William Robinson)


Intro: G  Em  C  G 
                          Em   G 
Sometimes at night I lie awake 
C                                  G          D    G 
Just to watch you sleep, hear each breath you take 
When the morning lights your face 
C                               G       D  
I just want to hold you, and forget the day 
  Em       D            G     C 
I live and breathe your every touch 
       G      C        Em      D       C      D     G      Em  C  G 
Do you love me, do you love me, do you love me that much?  
                                       Em   G 
When you look at me across the crowded room 
C                      G         D 
Suddenly I want to be alone with you 
  G                                   Em 
I hang on every word that leaves your lips 
  C                   G                D  
Anticipate the moment when I feel your kiss 
 Em       D      G    C 
Enough of you is not enough 
       G      C        Em      D       C      D     G  
Do you love me, do you love me, do you love me that much?  
C                      Bm 
For so long, I've been trying to believe 
     D   C           Bm              Em 
That someday, you'll fall as deep as me 
But it's just not there (but it's just not there) 
           Am              E      Am 
Love isn't all (love isn't always fair) 
       (# Key Change - Up 2 Semitones #) 
Instrumental: A  F#m  D  A 
                            F#m  A 
Would you want the best for me 
      D                             A                 E   A 
And I hope I find the kind of love, you can't feel for me 
Could you find it in your heart 
   D                           A                  E 
To end this thing right now, before it's gone too far 
F#m    E      A       D 
Let me go and give me up 
       A      D        F#m    E        D      E       F#m    A 
Do you love me, do you love me, do you love me   that much? 
       D      E      A    
Do you love me  that much? 
     F#m  D  A 

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