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Paradise Teclado

Pat Green

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	  Written by: 
     D                 G            D 
When I was a child my family would travel 
                                   A            D 
Down to western Kentucky where my parents were born. 
                                     G       D 
There's a backwards old town that's often remembered 
                        A           D 
So many times that my memories are worn. 
   D                             G         D 
- Dad won't you take me back to Mulenburg County, 
                                A       D 
Down by the Green River where paradise lays. 
                                        G           D 
He said, "I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in askin'. 
                             A         D 
Mr Peabody's coal-train has hauled it away." - 
      D                            G             D 
Well sometimes we're travel right down to Green River 
                                 A         D 
To the abandoned old prison down by Avery Hill. 
                                         G              D 
Where the air smelled like snakes, we'd shoot with our pistols 
                           A            D 
But empty pop bottles are all we would kill.  
          D                          G               D 
Then the coal company came with the worlds largest shovel, 
                             A                D 
They torchered the timber, stripped all the land. 
                          G           D 
Dug for the coal til the land was forsaken. 
                        A           D 
Wrote it all down as a progrss for man. 
        D                      G              D 
When I die let my ashes float down the Green River, 
                                A         D 
Let my soul roll on up to the Rodchester Dam. 
                                      G       D 
And I'll be half way to Heaven with paradise waitin' 
                                A      D 
Just five miles away from whereever I am. 
enjoy :) 
[email protected]  

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