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Lord of Lords Teclado

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Lord of Lords

	  D/F#     G        A/C#        D 
Lord of Lords, Prince of peace 
D/F#     G                      D 
Abba Father, Closest friend 
          D/F# G   A/C#     Dsus 
My Champion, My Redeemer 
D/F#      G                   Bmin 
Faithful One, Closest Friend 
D          em7                             f #m7                G 
I lift my voice in praise like the crashing of the waves 
                 D                     em7            f#m7                  G 
Like the thunder roars in worship I will sing of all Your ways 
                  Em      D/F#        G                  D/F# 
May I ever seek to sing, the praises of my King 
Em              D/F#     A 
For You will always be? 


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