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Grandpas Barn Teclado

Norman Blake



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Grandpas Barn

C                  Am            F          G            
Like a battle worn shoulder, its faithfully stood 
  C        Am            F         G 
A modest creation, built mostly of wood 
    C         Am              F           G 
But time and neglect, they've taken their toll 
        F         G            F             C 
And now grandpa's barn, stands forgotten and old. 
C                   Am              F           G 
The roof has turned brown, from the rust on the tin 
    C           Am                      F        G 
Any day now the whole thing, could come tumbling in 
    C           Am             F         G 
The hinges have rusted, on the big oaken doors 
    F                   G            F             C  
And johnson grass grows through, the cracks in the boards. 

C                    Am            F           G 
In the mainger hangs single trees, harness and such 
         C               Am            F           G 
Where he left them there covered, with cobwebs and dust 
            C              Am             F      G 
There's his old slick fork saddle, he was once a cowboy 
       F              G             F            C 
It's a shame what the years and the mice will destroy. 
C                      Am            F          G 
There's a chill in the loft now, its silent and stale 
      C              Am       F            G 
Where grand children play, in sweet clover bails 
      C              Am            F           G 
Where raindrops were lullabies, on dark stormy days 
    F                G         F            C 
For little girls and kittens, asleep in the hay. 
C              Am           F         G 
I remember the sound, of an old man's laughter 
    C         Am           F           G 
But now all I hear, is the wind in the rafters 
       C           Am            F             G 
And it speaks of a sadness, that times passing brings 
          F         G            F             C 
And makes faded old memories and tobacco juice stains. 

C                  Am           F          G 
But old barns they vanish, like castles of sand 
      C           Am            F            G 
Their glory fades quickly, like youth from a man 
      C              Am              F             G 
For a season they'll bloom, shinning fruits of his toll 
        F            G                  F         C 
Then in times deadly grip, they crumble back into soil. 
C            Am           F            G   
Abandoned it stands, like ancient grey ghost 
C             Am        F            G 
Surrounded by weeds and rotten fence posts 
      C            Am           F               G 
Its a bitter sweet relic, of an old man and his farm 
            F            G               F                
I close the gate for the last time, as I leave grandpa's  

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