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Ginseng Sullivan Chords Teclado

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Ginseng Sullivan Chords

About three miles from the Batelle yard   
From the reverse curve on down   
Not far south of the town depot   
G                    Bm   
Sullivan's shack was found   
A                  D   
Back on the higher ground.   
You could see him every day   
Just walking down the line   
With his old brown sack across his back   
        G                Bm   
And his long hair down behind   
A                    D   
Speaking his worried mind.   
D It's a long way to the delta G From the North Georgia hills D A tote sack full of ginseng G G7 Won't pay no travelling bills C D Now, I'm too old to ride the rails Em A Or thumb the road alone D G D So I guess I'll never make it back to home D G A D My muddy water Mississippi delta home.
D The winters here, they get too cold G The damp it makes me ill D Can't dig no roots in the mountain side G Bm With the ground froze hard and still A D Gotta stay at the foot of the hill. D But next summer, things turn right G The companies will pay high D I'll make enough money to pay my bills G Bm Bid these mountains goodbye A D Then he said with a sigh: {Chorus}

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