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Dear Lord Teclado

Nick Vujicic



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Dear Lord

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D         A            Bm     A 
Dear Lord please teach us to pray 
D              A        Bm          A                
For we want to know You more each day 
        G         D         Bm       D 
Help us to believe every word You say 
    G        D        A         D           
To trust in You and live by faith  

verse 1: 
        G             A             D 
I only want what you want for my life  
      G           D       A 
Holy Spirit come down on me 
                 G                 D 
In everything I say and all that I do 
            G            A 
May it be pleasing unto You                              


verse 2: 
          G        A        D 
I want to love as You love me 
      G           A         D                             
And forgive as You forgive me 
With a new mind and heart 
So I can live for You 
               G                        A     
And tell the world about Your love so true 

verse 3: 
D           A           Bm       A 
Thank You Jesus You gave Your life 
     Em              A            
And this is what I pray 
That You would give me a passion 
 A           D       
For who You are 
         G                          A               
Jesus I want to know You more each day 

verse 4: 
 E              B      A        B 
When I have a bad day, I will pray 
 E                   B                  
Knowing that Youâ??re there  
           A         B                               
And Youâ??ve made the way 
       C#m     B        A       E  
Hearing every word that I will pray  
     A            E           B      E 
Dear Lord please help me, help me today 

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