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I Wish I Knew Teclado

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I Wish I Knew

(Mack Gordon and Harry Warren)

  Am7                      D7            G  
Is this the night I've waited oh solong for  
Fdim Am     Am7 Cdim G  Am7 Fdim 
Is this my dream at last come true 
   Am7              D7                     G  
Are you the on my heart hás saved its song for  
   F#7     Bm   D   A7     Am7    D7  
How can I tell?  I wish I knew 
Am7                                              Cdim 
I wish I knew someone like you could love me  
G         D   G                      Bm7  E9 Am7  
I wish I knew you place  no one above me  
              D9          G         Em Em7  
Did I mistake this for a real romance  
         A7      Cdim  A7 D   G   Am7 D5+  
I wish I knew, butonlyyoucananswer 
Am7                                                 Cdim 
If you don't care, why let me hope and pray so 
G              D   G                   Bm7 E9    Am7  
Don't lead me on; If I'm a fool, Just say so 
                     D9    Am7 D7  G            F7  E7  
Should I keep dreaming on, or Just forge tyou 
Am7                     Cdim G   Gdim  E9  F7  G  
Whats hall I do,  I wish I knew 

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