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You've Changed Teclado

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You've Changed

( Bill Carey and Carl Fischer)


 G7      C7M  Am7     Cdim       F#m7         Em  B5+ 
You've changed  the sparkle in your eye is gone 
      Em6            A7   A9  D7/9 
Your smile is just a careless yawn 
       Cdim        A7     Em7     D7M     B7  Em7/9 A7/13- 
You're breaking my heart; you've changed. 
G7      C7M   Am7      Cdim          F#m7   Em B5+ 
You've changed  your kisses now are so blasé 
       Em6              A7    A9 D7/9 
You're bored with me in ev'ry way 
 Cdim         A7     Em7    B7 
I can't understand, you've changed 
          F7M        Am7       Fm7    Bb7 
You've forgotten the words "I love you" 
     Gm7     Cm         C7 
Each memory that we've shared 
        F7M          Am7    Fm7       Bb7 
You've ignored ev'ry star above you 
        Em7        Gdim   Dm7   G7 
I can't realize you ever cared 
       C7M     Am7      Cdim          F#m7     Em   B5+ 
You've changed  you're not the angel I once knew 
    Em6             A7   A9    D7/9 
No need to tell me that we're through 
    Cdim       A7     A7/13-    D6    Cdim Em7 A7/13-  D6  
It's all over now  you've changed 

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