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Too Old To Die Young Teclado

Moe Bandy


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Too Old To Die Young

In the May 8, 1998 issue of "Cowpie News", someone named Gary requested 
this song.  This song works out real well played "Carter Family" style(for 
lack of a better description).  I have the melody picked out in tab 
form but, I don't know how to transcribe the strums in between the 
notes.  If anyone has a suggestion, I will be glad to put it all together. 
Verse 1 
C                      F C 
If life is like a candle bright 
Death must be the wind 
C                         F 
You can close your window tight 
       C             G     C 
And it still comes blowing in 
                        F   C 
So I will climb the highest hill 
To watch the rising sun 
    C                           F                    
And pray that I don't feel that chill 
          C       G       C 
'Till I'm too old to die young 

F C Let me watch my children grow G To see what they become C F Oh Lord don't let that cold wind blow C G C 'Till I'm too old to die young
Verse 2 Now I have had some dear sweet friends I thought would never die Now all that is left of them Is the tear drops in my eye If I could have one wish today And know it would be done I would say every one can stay 'Till they're too old to die young Chorus

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