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She's Not Really Cheatin' Teclado

Moe Bandy

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She's Not Really Cheatin'

	  Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 
      A                                                      E 
Not a hair out of place, then she makes up her face then she makes up a lie 
      E                                                    A    E D A 
She?s dressed fit to kill and it takes all his will not to cry 
          A                                                    D  
She don?t know that he knows and he won?t let it show as she?s leavin; 
                       A        E                    A 
Cause she?d not really cheatin?, she?s just getting? even 

E D A E And he?s goin thru hell but he knows too well it?s deserved E A She?s telling all the same lies, the same alibis that she?s heard E D A A7 D D/C# D/B Bm Two wrongs don?t make it right but he knows tonight she?s believin? A E A That she?s not really cheatin?, she?s just getting? even
She?s never been untrue so this is all new but she?s catching on fast Her cheatin? is fair cause he?s done his share in the past He has to understand cause he?s an old hand at decievin? Cause she?s not really cheatin?, she?s just getting? even Chorus

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