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It Was Always So Easy Teclado

Moe Bandy

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It Was Always So Easy

	  D I drove through the park and I {G}searched all the bars 
where I {D}made out with love too many {A}times 
It was {D}always so easy to find and {G}unhappy woman 
till {DI started {A}looking for {D}mine 
Some {Gbeer drinking devil is {D}holding my angel 
and I know what he'll do if he's my {A}kind 
It was {D}always so easy to finsd an {G}unhappy woman 
till {D}I started {A}looking for {D}mine 
{D}The note on the door said I {G}warned you before 
What I'd {D}do if you cheated one more {A}time. 
(Repeat Chorus)     


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