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Lord Of Hosts Teclado

Misty Edwards



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Lord Of Hosts

Oh come behold the works of God 
The nations at His feet 
He breaks the bow and bends the spear 
    A                 C#m 
And tells the wars to cease 
O mighty one of Israel 
You are on our side 
We walk by faith in God who burns 
    A             C#m 
The chariots with fire 

A C#m Lord of hosts You’re with us with us in the fire B A With us as a shelter with us in the storm A C#m You will lead us through the fiercest battle B A Oh where else would we go but with the Lord of Hosts
C#m O God of Jacob fierce and great A You lift Your voice to speak B The earth it bows in awe A C#m The mountains move into the sea C#m O Lord you know the hearts of men A And still You let them live B O God who makes the mountains melt A C#m Come wrestle us and win C#m A E Though oceans roar You are the Lord of all B C#m The One who calms the wind and waves A B And makes my heart be still C#m A Though the earth gives way E B The mountains move into the sea C#m A B The nations rage I know my God is in control

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