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Baptize My Heart Teclado

Misty Edwards



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Baptize My Heart

	       Gm F Cm D 
I can hear the song of the Creator as He sings over His creation 
"I played the flute for You...did You dance? 
I sang the wedding song over You ... were You romanced? 
I played the funeral song and told You my judgments were coming did you lament? 
For even children know when to dance! 
Even children know the sound of the wedding 
Even children know when to repent 
At the sound of the funeral they lament! 
Gm F Cm D 
Baptize my heart with Your fire, desire 
Gm F 
I don’t want to be offended, I don’t want to be offended 
Cm D 
I don’t want to be offended when it’s all coming down 
Gm F 
I pledge my allegiance to Jesus 
Gm F 
I pledge my allegiance to the Lamb 


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