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Castaway Teclado


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Csus   C    |C9    C         |Bb        |Bb        | 
F/A            |               Bb |Csus   C   |C9    C    | 
Verse 1 
Csus      C     C9    C       Bb                 Bb 
I Can tell by the look  in  your eyes, That I would figure 
F/A                                       Bb  Csus   C    C9        C  
figure out more. in the Holly oak oh Holy Ghost so that we can see 
CSus      C     C9     C       Bb  
She's not strange, She swears She never looks ahead, and I 
F/A                                       Bb   Csus   C    C9       C 
love that girl, She knows best, She runs through the steps in the city 'cos 
Bb                                      F/A                                        Bb             C  
Any way the wind  blows that's the way that she goes Castaway         x2 
Verse 2 
Csus      C             C9    C            Bb                       Bb 
She used to stay home of nights alone waitin' for a lover who never phoned 
F/A                                               Bb                                   C 
Sometimes she'd cry  but never really show those tears 
Csus      C             C9    C            Bb                       Bb 
Memories locked behind closed doors out on the street she know the score 
F/A                                             Bb                                   C 
security Hey it never comes so easy 'cos  
Bb                                      F/A                                        Bb             C  
Any way the wind  blows that's the way that she goes Castaway         x2 
A                                     Bb                                                B         C          C 
Any way the wind blows That's the way she's gonna go Castaway                     x2 
Solo Ad lib 
F                                      Eb                                      C                           C             x2 
Repeat Verse 1 
Chorus and fade 
I hope this is accurate  

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