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Early Autumn Teclado

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Early Autumn

( Ralph Burns, Johnny Mercer and Woody Herman)

A  Fdim E7/9  Gdim Cm7 Dm6       A7M 
When an   early  autumn walks the land  
A9  Cdim        G#7 
And chills the breeze 
Cdim G7M    C7M      Bm   F#7    Cdim      F#7  
And  touches with her hand     the  summer trees 
Fdim  F7M Cdim   F7M E7  
Perhaps you'll understand     
Fdim Gdim Fdim  E7 Edim A7M  Dm7 Dm6 A7M 
What  memories I  own 
  A    Fdim E7/9  Gdim Cm7    Dm6  A7M 
There's a  dance   pavilion in the rain  
A9  Cdim     G#7 
All shuttered down 
Cdim  G7M      C7M     Bm   F#7    Cdim    F#7  
  A      winding country lane    all   russet brown 
Fdim  F7M    Cdim   F7M  E7 Fdim Gdim Fdim  E7  E7/13 D9 A 
A   frosty window pane    shows me     a   town grown lonely 
D9   Bm5-/7    E7/13 Fdim A7M      C#m5-/7 F#m7/9 
That spring of ours that started so April he arted 
D9    Bm5-/7    E7/13 Cdim     A7M 
Seemed made for just a boy and girl 
A        Am7     Em7 D7 
I never dreamed, did you 
Am7  G         B7      E7  Cdim A7M  F#m Dm6  Fdim 
Any fall could come in view so  early,early 
Cm7     Dm6      A7M   A9    Cdim     G#7 
 Darling if you care, please, let me know 
Cdim G7M C7M     Bm   F#7  Cdim  F#7  
I'll   meet you anywhere,    I  miss you so 
Fdim  F7M   Cdim     F7M  E7 Fdim Gdim Fdim  E7  E7/13 D9 A 
Let's never have to share     another   early  autumn 

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