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Travelin Lite Teclado

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Travelin Lite


Intro: C C C G 

A glaring sun at midday makes it hard to see the road 
A lot of miles since last night and a whole lot more to go. 
The brightness has me blinking, the whole thing?s got me thinking 
                         C                 G              
On the price of a life of travelin? lite. 
Trying to live up to the words that some old writer felt 
Spend your youth before you die and don't outlive yourself. 
But Lord that gets expensive on troubadours and minstrels 
                    C                  G 
It's the price of a life of travelin? lite. 

C (3rd fret) C It's the price of a life, I guess C (3rd fret) C The price of a life, I guess C D C G The price of a life, of travelin? lite. G I?d like to lay down girl, gently in your lap
C Let you stroke my hair as I take a nap. D You could hum a lover?s tune underneath your breath C G I can almost see your face but I ain't there yet. G I have lost my mind before, lost my heart a few times for sure C D Lost my way, but I've never lost my keys. And I?ll tell you this for starters, ships ain't built for harbors C G It's the price of a life of travelin? lite.
G C I'm travelin? lite G C I'm travelin? lite G D I'm travelin, travelin, travelin lite G C G I'm travelin? lite, I'm travelin lite.

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